* 2018 Vocational Training Program & Applications

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In the past eight years of the ACSOD VTP we have prepared and trained dancers currently performing in Companies and full time Dance Institutions:

Mio Bayly Graduate 2016 awarded a full Scholarship to The Australian Ballet School in 2017.
Asher Hastings Graduate 2016 accepted into The Australian Ballet School.
Ada Sayasane – Graduate 2016 was accepted into the VCASS.
Maidie Widmer – Graduate 2016 accepted into The Australian Ballet School.
Chelsea Stewart – Graduate 2016 was accepted into the VCASS.
Molly Netherway – Graduate 2016 commences full time training BTA.
Jenna Boschen – Graduate 2016 commences at McDonald College, Sydney.
Harry Netherway – Graduate 2015 was accepted into the VCASS.
Lily Minchenko – Graduate 2015 was accepted into the VCASS.
Cassie Tattersall – Graduate 2014 was accepted into the VCASS.
Tiffany Wray – Graduate 2014 accepted to the ACB. 
Coco Wood - Graduate 2014 was accepted into the VCASS.
Eliza Callil – Graduate 2014 accepted to the ACB. 
Sarah Perkins - Graduate of the 2013 VTP and accepted into the ACB.   Before leaving ACSOD in 2013 Sarah won the “Courier” Classical Championship & “Pirouette” Modern 
Championship.  In 2014 Sarah was selected for the Queensland Ballet (Full time program) & in 2017 Sarah will commence Pre-professional with the Queensland Ballet.
Riley Fitzgerald – Graduate of the 2013 VTP and accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts. Riley performed professionally with Vertical Shadows Contemporary Dance Co in the 2014 season of “The White Prince”.  Riley has received offers to attend Queensland Ballet Company and Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Programs, but has chosen to continue his contemporary studies and has accepted an offer from New Zealand School of Dance Contemporary Program. 
Paige Davis – Graduate 2013 accepted to the ACB.
Timothy Harte - Graduate 2013 accepted to the ACB.
Annabelle Ford – Graduate 2013 accepted to Kelly Aykers Fulltime.
Kate Douglas – Graduate 2012 was offered a place at Melbourne University's VCA 
Alice McAlpin – Graduate 2011 accepted into the VCASS.
Vanessa Jeffs – Graduate 2011 accepted into The Australian Ballet School.
Laura Glare – Graduate 2011 accepted to BTA & currently training in Belgium at Brussels International Ballet School.
Tessa Walker – Was a member of the inaugural 2010 ACSOD Vocational Program and completed her RAD TC (Traineeship) with Miss Anita as her mentor.
Alexia Cannizzaro – Was a member of the inaugural 2010 ACSOD Vocational Program for one year and then accepted into The Australian Ballet School for 2011. Alexia trained full time in Sydney before accepting a Traineeship with Louisville Ballet in Kentucky, USA for 2015/2016. Currently with Melbourne City Ballet.
Priscilla Daniels Was a member of the inaugural 2010 ACSOD Vocational Program. Priscilla in 2016 was part of the professional production of The Lion King, in Perth.

Noelle Shader – Trained and performed in the United States at the School of American Ballet in New York City and upon graduation joined the New York City Ballet under the directorship of George Balanchine for six years. Since emigrating to Australia in 1981, Noelle has worked as a classical dance lecturer at The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth and with The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Noelle assumed the role of Ballet Mistress with The West Australian Ballet Company and with The Australian Ballet Company, the latter for 23 years. Here, in liaison with the medical team, she developed the role of Rehabilitation Facilitator, to work closely with injured and non-injured dancers to correct alignment and faulty technique.  During her career Noelle has worked with four Australian Company directors and has enjoyed her involvement with renowned choreographers, teachers and artists in the dance field. She has been a dance panel member for the West Australian Department of the Arts and for The Australia Council and has worked extensively in the wider community. In 2000 Noelle was awarded a centenary medal for her contribution to The Arts.


Conditions of Enrolment


I, the parent/guardian of the students above will agree to the following –

1.     Students are required to follow the schools uniform regulations and be groomed correctly and be on time for the classes. Students consistently ignoring these requirements will be unable to participate in classes.

2.     The school takes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

3.     No person/s may use the name of the school for publication or perform any dances choreographed by its teachers without permission from the Principal.

4.     Casting for all performances is decided by the principal or teachers and is final. No discussion will be entered into regarding selection for private lessons, solos, duo/trio, auditions, excellence classes or troupes.

5.     Any behaviour/conduct/language by the pupils that is deemed to be unacceptable by the schools’ teachers or principal will be reported to the parent/guardian. Upon the second or third report students may not attend this school.

6.     Costumes made by the school remain the property of the school and may be hired by pupils.

7.     Due care will be taken with your children while they are in classes, however in case of illness or injury, where parents are not contactable, we will seek medical advice and act accordingly where treatment is deemed necessary and costs will be incurred by the parent/guardian.

8.     I agree to my children being photographed for the programme, newsletters, Facebook and or any other advertising or social media for ACSOD and ACSOD associated pages etc.

9.     I agree that my children’s examination, competition and other achievements can be used at our discretion for programme,                newsletters and or advertising for ACSOD and social media.

10.   I undertake to pay all fees as they are due for payment, for any period for which the above student/s are enrolled at ACSOD. I understand any fees that remain outstanding after the said payment period, which is put into the hands of a Debt Collector, will incur all costs of recovery by you the customer.

11.   Students are not permitted to dance- with or perform- for other Companies and/or full time dance schools without the prior knowledge and expressed permission of the Principal. This is both a curtesy and safe guard for all parties concerned.

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